And so it begins….

Hey, all! My name is Darin, a man of many creative interests! Thank you for taking a moment to stop in and see my world. I hope that I can inspire your mind, help you to laugh or just peak your interest. 

This blog isn’t about me, it’s about us all! Living, breathing, laughing, and growing together through all our differences and talents. 

This blog will mainly appeal to open minded, creative, positive, caring people with a realistic sense about the world, using common sense and love to survive. It will also invite those that want any of those traits!

I love: 

art, photography, carpentry, raising kids, DIY projects, interior design, graphic design, mechanical projects, physical activity, education, discussion and family!
If any of this intrigues you, stick with me on my blogging journey! 

Have a creative day, my friends!

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